Saving and Printing

Saving A Workbook
Saving As A Webpage
Saving A Workspace
Selecting The Print Area
Print Preview

Toolbars and Views

Opening and Closing Toolbars
The Full Screen View


Inserting Worksheets
Deleting Worksheets
Renaming Worksheets
Hiding Worksheets

Working With Cells

Selecting Multiple Cells
Cell Alignment
Border Selections
Deleting Cells
Clearing Cell Formatting
Adding Comments
Fill Options
Find And Replace Cells
Go To Cells Quickly
Naming Cells

Working With Columns and Rows

Inserting Columns And Rows
Resizing Columns and Rows
Freezing Panes

Formulas And Fill Features

Typing Formulas
The Auto Sum Feature
The Paste Function Feature
Creating A Custom List
The Fill Series Feature
Series Details


Inserting A Chart
Formatting A Chart
Changing Chart Format
Chart Locations
Chart Window
Chart Options
Chart Types
3-D Charts
Adding Data To Charts