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This my website is online interactive tool designed to examine students. It consist of many tests for students of age 14 to 17 years. For access you must enter code, but there are demo: example 1 (optics)example 2example 3

Resultants of the tests you can see on your mobile phones: (http://omega.webzdarma.cz/wap) maybe it is useful for parents.xxxxQuick (online) evaluate the test (client server communication - PHP, this implies tests are safe )

Resultants processed by SQL database system, you know number correct, incorrect answers and list of incorrect answers.

This site lets the teacher not just examine students by simply text test, but also by visual demonstrations. Tests consist of animations, applets, pictures and graph.

From my point of view the applets are the most effective tool for lectures...Examples :† Photoelectric effect.Ideal gas law.† Thermodynamics

There are generally constant additions.
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